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A special note...

We want to thank you all so much for supporting us along this path of beautiful, luxury lingerie and Slow/Sustainable Fashion!
In doing so, you are supporting other local businesses and freelance seamstresses, pattern makers and sample makers who we pay 2x minimum wage in Ontario, along with a plethora of others we contract.
This was our first line; it's been a wonderful year and a half since we first launched and we are ecstatic with the feedback and love from you all; plus we are very close to selling out this collection.
We have also launched (in Jan '17) our new Organic Cotton mini-line - Naturæ by Lola & August.
We know we are overdue for a new collection, however we will only do so when we feel the time is right and when we can present to you something just as unique and beautiful.
In support of #SlowFashion we are boycotting the regular release dates demanded by Fast Fashion - we refuse the pressure to push out new collections every season they have defined.