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2017 Ethical & Luxurious Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays and Christmas are right around the corner - it's our favorite time of year. From decorating to baking, family gatherings and gift giving...

The perfect gift is hard to come across and shopping can be stressful, especially when you're ethically minded. We have compiled a list of our top 10 favorites this season, from other luxury, ethical brands, in almost every category. Whether you are looking for that one special something, or multiple gifts, we've got you covered.

Although we are usually talking about sustainability, zero waste and slow fashion, we also understand that we sometimes want to splurge and purchase something fun and luxurious. In doing so, we can also make smarter decisions and still shop ethically. Everyone enjoys pretty things, but let's make sure we are choosing pieces we love and want to cherish and keep for as long as we can.

Ethical is the new luxury. Handmade is the new luxury.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday! Xoxo

You'll be happy to know that these gorgeous frames are made with bio acetate plastic, which means they are more durable and long-lasting, and are made with 50% natural sources. Sunglasses you'll want to keep forever.

$420 CAD 

2. Flower Child Perfume by Rich Hippie
Rich Hippie's luxurious perfumes are Organic and 100% Natural and are made using traditional methods. Choose from a large selection of natural, flirty scents.

1/2 oz bottle: $345.00 USD
1/8 oz perfume roll-on: $145.00 USD

Handmade in Brooklyn, NY, Alexis Bittar's jewelry are definitely one-of-a-kind and a staple in every wardrobe. We are enamored of the beauty of this gorgeous cuff that looks both festive and edgy yet somehow classical.

$245.00 USD

4. Chemise de Chasse Robe by Lola & August
This luxury sheer robe is hand-sewn in Canada, is short and sexy with bell sleeves and has a beautiful, oversized bow. We wouldn't want to toot our own horn, but this robe fits beautifully and really sums up comfort and sex appeal.

$279.00 CAD

What's not to love? Soft, oversized, gorgeous and hand-knitted in Greece!

220.00 €

6. Soy Blend Candle - FALALALALA by Prosperity Candle sold at The Little Market
Nothing says cozy like lit scented candles. These candles are ethical and hand-poured, plus, each sale supports female refugees at Prosperity Candles in the USA. Give the gift that keeps on giving!

$26.00 USD

7. Rose Oil Halva by Seed + Mill
Whether you grew up eating Halva, just discovered it, or never tried it, you can't go wrong with a block from Seed + Mill. They have a plethora of flavors but of course we would choose the Rose Oil Halva! Available as a full cake for those sugar addicts, or purchase by weight. Forget chocolate and get with Halva!

LUSH's lipsticks are made with Natural Ingredients, are not tested on animals, and are Vegan. Not to mention the jojoba oil and rose wax keep your lips soft & smooth and they're available in many colors!

$24.95 USD

Handcrafted from ethically sourced materials, these feminine and timeless designs are breathtaking and beautiful! The Princess Opal ring is available in 14K Rose or Yellow Gold with conflict-free diamonds.

$365.00 USD

10. Genie Diffuser by Le Comptoir Aroma
 Scented home sprays and air fresheners can be very toxic, that's why we opt for Aromatherapy for clean air, pleasant scents as well as the benefits of the selected scents. The Genie Diffuser is also aesthetically appealing - it changes colors and releases a mist which is especially beautiful this time of year. Choose from your favorite organic essential oils or click here for recommended Christmas essential oils.

$55.99 CAD


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